We’re a passionate team who all share the same vision, to bridge the gap between the average coffee drinker and speciality coffee. Our experience in the coffee industry has given us the passion to share our knowledge, and to educate on delivering the perfect cup of coffee.

We are proud to say that quality is at the heart of our business, it runs through everything we do from bean to cup.

Our journey all starts in our roastery, first we sample roast and taste test our carefully selected green beans, before roasting in small batches to ensure quality in every single bag we deliver.

It’s no secret that for generations we have consumed coffee without much thought for the farmers and their businesses. Our approach at New Wave Coffee is to guarantee that our coffee is sourced ethically; this enables us to support the farmers’ livelihoods which in turn also helps create a sustainable supply of coffee for the future.


We’d love you to get in touch…we like any excuse to talk about coffee.